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Dude cums 3 times

Blowjob tutorial. She makes it disappear with her mouth!!


Queeny Love rollerblade facial

Another neat thing to entertain yourselves in a Sunday is give and take a little suck ‘n’ shot, especially when it’s a literal drive by shooting as we can see here. The porn starlet is the fabulous Queeny Love. She made quite a bunch of those littel blow and blast clips to promote herself, always dealing with the concept of being naughty in public. Her audible sucking technique is exemplary, also her cum-spilled afterplay. We all can learn a lot from her to perform at it’s best.
And regarding this you can exercise leniency with her terrible, terrible German accent. ;-)

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The idea of recording her and him was exciting. It felt dangerous, something she wouldn’t normally consider doing. It made the idea so much more erotic.

She could just leave something on the dresser to capture their passion. 

At best it would be material for her to dream of future encounters and get herself off in the moment. It would also be a visual testament to her husband of her ability to please herself.